Rebel One - Year One


As animators it's our job to elevate our clients products and services by bringing to life their visions, concepts and hordes of the undead. Alright, we've yet to animate (or reanimate) a plague of zombies, but one year ago we did sign the paperwork that would make our vision a reality and formed Rebel One Studios. It's been an incredible experience getting this company off the ground and having the opportunity to work on a number of challenging and exciting projects. However, the best part has been the relationships that we've built. A massive thanks to all of our clients, colleagues, comrades, collaborators and an amazing circle of supporters who have freely taken the time to advocate for us even though we had little to offer in return. Nothing encourages us more than mentors at the top reaching down into the murk at the bottom to help us find the right rungs on the ladder. Having allies, from all walks of life, believe in us has made it possible to continue believing in ourselves. And having creative, innovative clients that quickly see the application of our services has made it possible for us to keep driving forward. Again, thank you all.

As good as the story has been so far, chapter two promises more action, more excitement and more gore (alright, I can't promise zombies) adventure! We've got some partnerships in the works that will allow us to continue improving the quality of our work and the efficiency of our process, as well as some new projects, the results of which we can't wait to share.

If you have any ideas that you'd like to discuss for your next project or proposal, or even if you just want to scratch out a brainstorm to see what possibilities exist (I assure you they're in there), please feel free to reach out to us anytime.

Cheers! The Rebel One Team