How Much Does an Explainer Video Cost?

If you've spent any time on the internet lately, you might be aware of a few new trends on the rise when it comes to promoting your business. Explainer videos are fast becoming an informative, and creative way to communicate with your customers. They are less costly than hiring actors and a production crew to shoot a live commercial, and they have the added benefit of portraying your business' specific style and branding. Instead of having a wall of text on your website explaining your product or services, why not use a fun and imaginative animation instead? BMG_SA_Shot_02 (00129)

What is an Explainer Video?

An explainer video is a short animated video that can be anywhere from 30 seconds, to 3 minutes long; and has the goal of communicating information about your product or service in an engaging and memorable way. The specific style of explainer videos varies from client to client but if you're looking for inspiration you can see our demo reel here.

How much does an Explainer Video cost?

Like many production services the cost of animation varies based on length and complexity of the animation, as well as other factors like deadline, and additional audio services (voice talent, music, sound effects). However, as a general guideline, the range of cost can be from $3,000 on the low end, to $10,000 on the high end for a complete animated video.

Where can I get an Explainer Video?

Thanks to the internet, there are many options available to you for creative talent, but where do you start?  Traditionally, larger businesses who already have an established connection with an Ad agency would commission an animation through their agency, but for small businesses that isn't always an option because of the cost involved. Not only are you paying the ad agency for your animation, but you're also paying for the company they hire to create the animation.

Luckily there is another option; Rebel One Studios will work directly with you, or your marketing department to create an animated explainer video for you. We handle all pre-production, production, and post-production services in-house, so there's no need to hire an ad agency as well. That'll be good news for your budget, and even better news for your customer communication.